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On site restoration for the safety of your Family.

Your door restoration needs taken care of from one Family to another.

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 All work is done on-site typically with-in one days time. On the occasion that I need two or more days to complete the restoration, Your door will be installed at the end of each day to ensure you the safety of your home but also to assure you that I'll return to complete the job








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  Please text 4 photos as shown below to       281-702-3485 for a faster estimate and job booking.

 Classic Morris 

 is a comprehensive Door service with an experience dating back 50+ years and spanning 3 generations.

Fred Morris began his career in the early 1950’s in Houston as a Weatherstripping  Specialist & Door Installer. He was a meticulous craftsman and took great pride in his work. He dressed in khaki pants & nice button up suit shirts. He would return home at the end of his workday looking as fresh & clean as when he left the house that morning. His career spanned the 1950’s - 1980’s


 His youngest son, Lannis at the tender age of 10yrs, began riding with him on Saturdays to make toy & hobby money. Lannis soon learned there is only one way to do the job & that’s the “RIGHT” WAY. Fred was good teacher & emphasized developing a routine & doing the job the same way each time. His mantra was “ Do good work & do clean work! “  I remember him telling me, “ A good installer isn’t one who never makes mistakes, but one who is willing & able to fix those mistakes.” 

 Lannis began his professional career in 1977 in the same weatherstripping & door installation business. As the family grew & Houston became more diversified as a large thriving city, Lannis saw a niche in the industry to develop a staining &door business to serve the mahogany entry door craze that was thriving in the Houston market. As this market developed, most if not all Greater Houston Builders, included a nice entry door as part of their package. We began to see a need for restoring the doors to the “ Like New Condition “  after several years of Houston’s harsh climate had taken its toll on the nice polyurethane finish. We developed a process using state of the art materials & techniques that brought the beauty of the original finish back to it’s original luster. Many times our customers tell us the door looks better than when it was new.

 As the Morris Family grew & each member became involved in the business, the “Traditions” were passed down & Michael & Candace got involved with the business as well.

 Leas Morris,. Wife of Lannis & Mother of Michael & Candace, was the Business Mgr & ran the day to day operations of “DOORWORKS”.


This brings us to the year 2000.

 And this is where my story continues “Tradition”!

I’m Michael Jethro Morris & I am fully capable of taking care of your door restoration needs. At the age of 5 is when I first started going to work with my dad,watching closely as he performed a job well done that all customers were satisfied with every time. I have taken the knowledge from my grandfather and father combined and along with my innovative patience and technique, you will have a better quality finish on your door than you've ever had.  I have worked with many custom & single family residence builders in the Greater Houston area.We know Houston & We know Doors and the right products to give you the most lasting & beautiful finish and/or refinish that you’ll find. 


Please consider us for your next door project

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